Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello all. It's been a good few days since my last post as things around this place seem to get busier and busier. Mr H.L and myself both have at least 3 or 4 projects on the go and it's getting harder to drag ourselves away from the work that is needed to be done. I'd love to say otherwise, but all the things we have been doing are fairly run of the mill, not very pretty or inspiring DIY tasks...hence no pics!!!
To give you an example- I've just finished Master Home Love's bedroom- remember I mentioned earlier that his room needed ALOT of paint? Well I finally completed the walls so he could move back into his new room. Mr Home Love also completed building a box of sorts in his room that I will explain later with photos?
Did I mention that I had primed the walls in our kitchen area the other day? Well I've just finished painting the walls with another lovely shade of WHITE (hahaha you couldn't imagine that)! The colour of the paint is called MILK WHITE by Crown. It's a really nice shade and well..milky looking. It's specially formulated for kitchens with moisture and greece resistance included somewhere along the way. The reason I chose that shade of white instead of Brilliant White by Dulux which we've been using in our living areas, is because another project that I'm starting as we speak is painting my kitchen units. Actually I'm only at the sanding back the door stage to be fair! However I have already chosen the shade of pale French grey called Antique Grey. I love the colour but am yet to sample a patch on the kitchen doors. I didn't want the walls to be ultra glare white so I toned it down a little in there in keeping with the rest of the look I want to achieve.
I'm also in the process of planting up our front garden beds...a few little shrubs have gone in already and I promise pictures will follow as soon as I'm satisfied with the results- ha, that will be never!! Along with that we bought a lawn mower and a blower vac for our street tree that loses it's leaves by the truck load this time of year. I can't wait to play!! hehe
Mr Home Love has also been installing insulation and then flooring in our roof. Our house didn't have much insulation in it when we bought it so before the days turn too cold here we wanted to get that sorted. That means we will have some great storage now up in the attic, so after Christmas don't you know where all the decorations will be heading?
We have had our electrics looked at, our boiler system serviced, quotes to paint the exterior of the house and our gutters looked at. All things that aren't very glamorous I'm afraid.
One last job that Mr H.l and I managed to get done this past week was wall mounting our large flat screen television in the lounge room. It was another job on our list but very important as Mini Home Love is at that crawling stage where anything in his line of fire gets pulled at, pushed or squashed. We were worried that he may grab at the TV stand or knock off it and we couldn't bare the thought of it coming tumbling down on him. That would have devastating results.
So all in all I can't believe it's Friday already. The week has just flown past again...well I guess we've been too busy to notice!

Here is our 'to do' list for this coming week-
1. Sand, prime & paint kitchen cupboards
2. Sand & paint stairs & landing
3. Paint bathroom floors
4. Make progress with choosing carpet for our bedrooms
5. Paint interior doors downstairs

and a million other 'little' jobs that will still at least take half a day each to complete, as well as doing all those 'daily' jobs such as washing, ironing, cooking, dusting, oh and minding and loving an 10 & a half month old Mini Mr Home Love.
Ah yeah, I'm just a stay at home mum. LOL

Jane xx

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